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The Power of  
Human Connection

BeneLynk is a national provider of innovative outreach and advocacy services to government-sponsored health plans. We serve by creating a human-to-human connection and providing the assistance a member needs to get the benefits they deserve. We are passionate about our work and the positive impact we have on your members’ lives. 

Our clients include some of the nation’s premier managed care organizations covering more than 21 million Medicare Advantage lives. As of August 2023, BeneLynk has assisted one million members with enrollment into a benefit program.

Our Story

Our story began years ago with a team fiercely dedicated to a common mission. We came together to help people facing barriers to living their healthiest lives. We saw a need for serious change, and with our decades of expertise in navigating government and community benefits, we formed a social care organization where deeper human connections make a remarkable difference. With our collective experience, we have learned what best serves those we seek to help.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives and positively impact social health barriers by providing our healthcare partners with the information they need and people with the advocacy they deserve.

Our Vision

Addressing inequities in both care and outcomes requires caring, professional advocates establishing a human-to-human connection while being supported by an integrated technology platform.

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Pillars of Excellence

BeneLynk's dynamic Lynk360 technology is a cloud-based platform that utilizes predictive variables to identify members who will benefit from social care outreach.


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We have made all of our outreach activities trackable through Lynk360 and Power BI real-time reporting. Our clients have the ability to see all activities done daily on their behalf.


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Through one dynamic, organically flowing conversation, BeneLynk makes a stronger human connection built on a foundation of compassion, professionalism, and trust.

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