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The BeneLynk Vision

BeneLynk is dedicated to serving plan members with social care challenges. Addressing inequities in both care and outcomes requires caring, professional advocates establishing a human-to-human connection while being supported by an integrated technology platform. We are proud to be leading this cause and changing members’ lives. To learn more about BeneLynk’s vision for social care, download our vision statement.

Older couple laughing with granddaughter on man's shoulders
Medicare Advantage aged man sitting with young boy, who is playing on a tablet

At a Glance

  • Established in 2016 by a senior management team with decades of experience at the intersection of Managed Care and Government Benefit programs

  • Created the nation’s largest Dual Eligible Advocacy program

  • Launched the nation’s first Veterans Services offering for Medicare Advantage plans

  • Developed a social determinants of health company that helped tens of thousands of Veterans access benefits

  • Founded a national Social Security Disability company that successfully obtained thousands of Veteran medical records from VA facilities

  • Serves clients representing more than18 million Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid  lives

  • Certified as HITRUST CSF for our SDoH solution

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve lives and positively impact social determinants of health barriers by providing our healthcare partners with the information they need, and people with the advocacy they deserve.

Woman in wheel chair holds hand of young caregiver standing behind her

"BeneLynk created an implementation plan to test the impact of their interventions with our membership. The plan included data security, targeting strategy, member materials, and reporting. That enabled our team to bring in the right cross-functional partners at the right time. BeneLynk has been a good partner for us and has delivered on all their commitments on time and as expected.” 


                                                 ~ Managed Care Product Director


 Our Pillars of Excellence

Transparency. We know that Managed Care Organizations hear that word all day long. Too often, SDoH work is not clearly defined by vendors. Nor is information always shared in ways that are beneficial. So we built transparency into BeneLynk’s DNA right from the very beginning, starting with our choice to track all outreach activities through our Lynk360™ and Power BI real-time reporting. Clients have the ability to see daily visualizations of our activities on their behalf – our mailings, calls, results, etc.

Information is everything. So is timing. That’s why we were early adopters of SDoH ICD-10 codes. They provide us with yet another avenue to be transparent with our clients in what we are learning, as quickly and usefully as possible. Transparency informs our approach to genuine partnership, as we share both challenges and opportunities as we see them, and provide insight and support in every way possible.

Transparency -- for us it's an absolute

BeneLynk's pillars of excellence - innovative, transparent, and human
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