Ava's favorite beach is Maracas Bay in the country of Trinidad & Tobago. It is considered one of the best beaches in the Caribbean.

Ava leads all aspects of the Human Resource area within BeneLynk. In addition, she has established the vision and direction of the core human capital programs, policies, and procedures. She seeks to promote maximum effectiveness in the BeneLynk workforce while supporting the company's mission. 


Ava has served as the leader of the Human Resources department since joining BeneLynk in June of 2019. Before joining BeneLynk, she held several positions in wholesale, manufacturing, automotive, advertising, software development, ISP’s, recruitment, and professional organizations in Florida, California, New York, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado. Navigating Human Resources across many business industries and states has allowed Ava to gain valuable knowledge to create and implement people-focused strategies.

Ava has a B.A. in Business Administration, a M.S. in Employment Law, and a M.S.in Human Resource Management.

Sharing a Few Thoughts

What I love about BeneLynk and what we do is the fluidity of our organization. We are not static, and that is essential as we are dealing largely with people and programs that impact their lives. People are by nature dynamic and prone to change, so the ability to respond to member needs quickly and with sensitivity makes the outcomes we provide all the more impactful.