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About the Team

Our story began years ago with a team fiercely dedicated to a common mission. We came together to help people facing barriers to living their healthiest lives. We saw a need for serious change, and with our decades of expertise in navigating government and community benefits, we formed a social care organization where deeper human connections make a remarkable difference. With our collective experience, we have learned what best serves those we seek to help and how to do it better.

Now we are on a journey to make an even greater impact for clients and members alikeAs of August 2023, BeneLynk has assisted one million members with enrollment into benefit programs.

Headshot of Chris Rosa - Chief Technology Officer at BeneLynk

Chief Techology Officer

Headshot of Eduardo Kuffo - Chief Financial Officer at BeneLynk

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Keslie Crichton - Chief Sales Officer at BeneLynk

Chief Sales Officer

Headshot of Lance Scott - Sr. Vice President of Corporate Development at BeneLynk

Sr. Vice President of Corporate Development

Headshot of Sean Libby President of BeneLynk
Headshot of Paul Frenkel Chief Operations Officer at BeneLynk

Chief Operations Officer

Beach at Sunset

We consider ourselves lucky. 

Our corporate offices are minutes from beautiful beaches. Check out our personal favorites on our profile pages. After all, who doesn't love sunshine and beaches

Headshot of Aldwin Gomez - VP, Member Engagement  & Advocacy at BeneLynk

Aldwin Gomez

VP, Member Engagement

& Advocacy

Headshot of Leslie Amoroso - VP, Human Capital at BeneLynk

Leslie Amoroso

VP, Human Capital

VJ Headshot (2) 041921.jpg

Vicki Jessup

VP, Government Relations

and Quality Assurance

Headshot of Kristen Dodd - Director, Marketing at BeneLynk

Director, Marketing

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