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Community Lynkand Community Lynk+

At BeneLynk, our integrated social care services begin with a human-to-human conversation.  It is a connection that allows us to gather information while centering on the members’ experience. We then link them to benefits and programs that remove barriers and improve lives. Community Lynk and Community Lynk+ allow us to offer benefits to every member we engage. These benefits can include food payment assistance, meal delivery services, independent living support, isolation prevention programs, transportation benefits, and telephony and data benefits.

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Community Lynk

With our Community Lynk service, our professional advocates help your members to address their most immediate social care challenges. We do this with a human-to-human conversation supported by innovative technology. We aim to enhance your strategic initiatives (e.g., quadruple aim) while delivering value and brand loyalty for your plan. With Community Lynk, our advocates can link members with benefit programs from a database of over 300,000 federal, state, and local benefit programs available through our partnership with

Community Lynk+

Community Lynk+ has all the benefits of Community Lynk with the addition of an extended SDoH assessment that has been translated into over 25 languages, allowing us to connect with more of the diverse communities we serve. Our partnership with PRAPARE® allows BeneLynk to engage members in assessing SDoH in a systematic, reportable fashion and address those social care challenges in that same interaction. For more information on our new Community Lynk+ solution, check out our blog post: "BeneLynk Announces the Launch of Community Lynk+".

"Times have been hard lately and Justin helped me get enrolled in some great community programs that I had no idea were available. He was extremely helpful and took the the time to explain everything. Justin was so kind and patient and well informed. Not only that, he simply brightened my day."

                                                    ~ Rosie M.

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