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Community Lynk

Community connects us all. Through our network of over 300,000 local, state, and federal government programs, BeneLynk connects  members with benefits and resources that  are crucially needed to improve health and well-being. 


As a social determinants of health vendor, we begin with a conversation, which is the best place to start. It's a friendly, human connection that gathers information in a way that puts members at ease. We then link them to benefits and programs that alleviate burdens and provide peace of mind. 

Three women walking on a beach with arms wrapped around eachother

"Times have been hard lately and Justin helped me get enrolled in some great community programs that I had no idea were available. He was extremely helpful and took the the time to explain everything. Justin was so kind and patient and well informed. Not only that, he simply brightened my day."

                                                    ~ Health Plan Member

With Community Lynk we can...


  • Document experiences and barriers

  • Educate, refer, assist, and enroll

  • Increase member retention

  • Improve health outcomes

  • Lower medical costs

Community Lynk allows us to offer benefits to every member we engage:

  • Food payment assistance

  • Meal delivery services

  • Independent living support 

  • Isolation prevention programs

  • Transportation benefits

  • Telephony and data benefits

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