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Dual Lynk

In every community across the country, people's health is impacted by social determinants of health. To help people live their healthiest lives, we must understand their story and meet their particular challenges.

BeneLynk is an expert at identifying and reaching lower-income Medicare members. By helping these members secure the needed benefits and resources, we help them achieve a greater quality of life and improved overall health.

Young girl tilting head to smile at older man
Statistic showing the efficacy of BeneLynk's Dual Lynk solution for finding hidden duals

 Hidden Duals -- Increased Conversions

BeneLynk's Greater Reach

BeneLynk excels at connecting with those members who are hardest to identify and reach. Our human-to-human outreach process enables BeneLynk to reach the 2 to 4% of your dual-eligible population that often remains hidden.


We identify all the government programs and community benefits each member is qualified to receive. And we do it all through one efficient conversation. Our outreach and dual conversion process is distinctly effective, and the increased-member Medicaid participation we deliver is unsurpassed.  

BeneLynk's predictive model for improving risk-adjusted revenue, member retention, and quality performance

Our predictive model runs at 97% accuracy, identifying opportunities to improve risk-adjusted revenue, member retention, and quality performance. Our econometric view of your membership provides actionable data and a holistic view of your members.

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