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Health is More than Healthcare

Our story began years ago with a team fiercely dedicated to a common mission. We came together to help people facing barriers to living their healthiest lives. We saw a need for serious change, and with our decades of expertise in navigating government and community benefits, we formed a social care organization where deeper human connections make a remarkable difference. As of August 2023, BeneLynk has assisted one million members with enrollment into benefit programs.


Our One Lynk™ Solution enables a holistic social care program to address social risk factors while improving the lives of members and the financial health of Managed Care plans.

Veteran Lynk

BeneLynk can help you identify the Veterans in your population, and facilitate VA chart retrieval to capture data for Risk Adjustment, HEDIS, experience, pharmacy, SDoH, Health Equity needs, and more.

Older man cropped to see half his face

BeneLynk's Lynk360 technology powers our ability to identify the government and community benefits that members deserve through one dynamic conversation about their social determinants of health.

The result? A one-call solution that drives deeper dual enrollment, increases retention, and improves ROI performance.

Multiracial women friends
Meaningful Connections
Healthier Lives


"I was desperate and couldn't afford groceries, so I called my health plan to see if they could help. Bonnie was so kind and stayed on the phone with me while she checked for programs. She found one, and they actually delivered food to me that day. I can't believe my health plan could help like that. I am so, so grateful."


                                                               ~ Health Plan Member                                                                                                

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