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Innovation Enlightened

A system, powerful and responsive, designed from decades of experience and knowledge,  built to meet the demands of tomorrow. BeneLynk's Lynk360 cloud-based platform was developed without the restraints of yesterday's technology. It is unique in its intuitiveness, its fluidity, and its power to deliver.

Proprietary Engagement Functionality

  • 360° view of member data ensures improved member experience

  • Predictive modeling algorithm provides deep insight into member engagement and progress 

  • Maximizes member engagement opportunities, outcomes, and client success

Intelligent Design

  • Dynamic tooling reacts intuitively to member needs

  • SmartAction technology 

  • Beacons guide agent workflows for efficient one-call engagement  

  • Human-centric platform enables flexible conversations

Flexible and Customizable  

  • Technology-enabled platform ensures that solutions meet client needs

  • Custom branding 

  • Custom scripting

  • Tailored messaging

  • Dynamic content generation

  • Engagement modalities

Lynk 360 logo - bordered by the words flexible, secure, transparent, and innovative

BeneLynk’s proprietary predictive tools use advanced statistical modeling techniques, individual member demographic information, member condition profile, and socio-economic factors to identify those individuals most likely to qualify for these programs. BeneLynk supplements our targeting with nontraditional factors to include potentially eligible individuals who have not been the focus of historical SDoH outreach campaigns.

The HITRUST CSF certification for BeneLynk's Lynk 360™ system and SDoH solution verifies that BeneLynk has implemented best-in-class solutions to the challenges of accessing, storing, and utilizing sensitive information. This allows managed care plans to more rapidly and securely contract with BeneLynk and further mitigates the need for resource-intensive audits of BeneLynk’s security policies and practices.

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