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Paul Frenkel with water in the background

Paul's all-time favorite is Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach. Yikes, it's only 5.5 miles now, but still gorgeous! 

Paul brings over 20 years of experience in Managed Medicare & Medicaid and ACA operations, as well as product development, sales/account management, and business strategies to the BeneLynk team. He has earned a Lean Six Sigma black belt with a proven ability to develop, implement, improve, and control healthcare strategies that support and advance business and financial objectives. Paul is expert with Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA regulations and guidelines; risk adjustment models; quality measures; and state and community program eligibility criteria. He also applies innovative skills in application development, problem definition and solutions, as well as the ability to manage sales/account management, operations, and product development teams.


As a Senior Vice President at Change Healthcare, Paul led the design, coordination, implementation, growth, and ongoing execution of sales and account management strategies/programs to meet customer needs and achieve corporate growth goals. At Altegra Health, he managed Risk Adjustment/Risk Analytics; Healthcare Enhancement - Star rating improvement, Care Management programs and HEDIS analytics; Program Assistance -- Medicare Savings Program eligibility and enrollment, Medicaid recertification management, Part D/LIS eligibility and enrollment, and community program eligibility and enrollment.

Paul has a B.S. in Health/Healthcare Administration/Management from Ithaca College.

Sharing a Few Thoughts...

When I think about what we’ve created at BeneLynk, I realize how fortunate we are to have assembled a group of people that are the true definition of a team -- people who work together toward a common goal. The entire leadership team works hard for the good of the group as a whole at BeneLynk.

I share one of my guiding principles at BeneLynk with each new employee on their first day of training: “Do Good While Doing Well." Everyone strives to do good every day by helping our health plan members that are in need. And while doing good, everyone is afforded the opportunity to do well. Finally, the BeneLynk team takes pride in communicating well, staying focused on goals and results, offering each other support, staying organized, and most importantly, having fun!  

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