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After decades of outreach, why are you still not receiving complete revenue for your MA membership?

As health plans meet the challenges of Covid-19, new awareness has grown of a broad spectrum of day-to-day challenges member’s face: financial, education, employment, social network, housing, transportation, and access to nutritional food. These factors, and the barriers to healthy living they can create, contribute to 80% of an individual’s health. Living a healthy life means addressing these barriers not only in the crisis of a pandemic, but every day.

Identifying, documenting, and meeting these challenges is at the core of BeneLynk’s mission.

While Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) is relatively a new term, the challenge behind it has been the focus of the Benelynk team since early 2000. This is our passion, to lead with help, to assist your members in meaningful ways, to improve lives. We deliver services that improve your member’s experience, while focusing on your revenue drivers in risk adjustment, quality performance, and eligibility. By helping to ensure accurate and complete revenue for payers, Medicare Advantage plans are able to deliver more benefits to the most vulnerable members.

Some of the most powerful programs to meet financial challenges among the Medicare population are the Medicare Savings Programs. Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs) are Medicaid programs which rebate a member’s Part B premium, and, in some cases, eliminate out-of-pocket cost sharing. These are impactful programs, yet only a third of those eligible for these programs are enrolled. The reasons are varied, but often come down to a lack of awareness and a burdensome application process.

Sensitive questions about your member’s lifestyle, challenges, and finances require human-to-human contact. Member assistance must start with an accurate predictive model, but from there, needs to be delivered in a secure and personal manner with live onshore advocates.

Not all members will qualify for Medicaid programs, but there are myriad programs that can help everyone regardless of income or assets. Benelynk assists members with Low Income Subsidy (Extra Help or LIS), Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP), and over 150,000 community assistance programs through our partnership with Aunt Bertha.

For those members most in need of financial assistance, BeneLynk has built a state-specific, advocate-driven process to help members qualify for full Medicaid benefits. These members often suffer from multiple chronic illnesses. Full Medicaid increases the Medicaid Add-On Factor, sometimes by as much as 10x. This increase in appropriate revenue allows MA plans to provide the care your members need.

Benelynk delivers these programs with success-based pricing that provides the right incentives to drive dual penetration and retention. Our reporting is transparent and available in near real time, so you always know how hard we are working for you and your members.

We want to earn your business. Call Keslie, our head of sales, today at 919-780-7900.

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