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BeneLynk Launches New Website for Integrated SDoH Services

BeneLynk was founded by a group of executives who had been working on the social determinants of health for managed care plans for many years. Our goal for BeneLynk was to take the success we had in areas like dual eligible outreach and retention, LIS enrollment, disability representation, and broad social service advocacy, and build on it. That team knew that too many members were not getting the benefits they deserve, and plans were not getting the results they were paying for, and that we could do SDoH outreach and advocacy better. Our services are designed to maximize risk adjusted revenue and quality performance, while removing the barriers to healthy living.

BeneLynk’s SDoH advocacy is grounded in the following principles:

· Member-Centric

· Innovative

· Transparent

· Integrated

With patient experience measures representing one-third of your overall STAR rating, we crafted a process that put the member at the center. We know you want the people calling your members to represent you well. So BeneLynk focused on returning the on-shore, live-agent to the advocacy process. In an industry where cost-cutting led to cheaper methods of outreach, we committed to creating a human-to-human connection to create a truly Member-Centric service.

We innovated from day one, with the launch of our Veteran Lynk™ service – a first of its kind product to help Medicare Advantage plans understand the care their Veteran members received. That innovation has continued throughout our existence, most recently in the form of our dynamic dual outreach materials. Where previously, dual outreach companies were content with generic calls to apply for or recertify Medicaid/Medicare Savings Program benefits, we created county and state specific outreach materials giving Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid Plan members the exact information they need in their specific geography to get the benefits they deserve.

Transparency has also informed everything that we do. When the Public Health Emergency re-shaped Medicaid recertification throughout the nation, BeneLynk was out front communicating with our clients and developing a strategy to meet the new challenges and opportunities. That commitment to transparency is most obvious in our reporting. From our first product, we have committed to a Power BI portal, showing our clients all production metrics and results in near real-time.

Our new website reflects our integrated product offering – One Lynk.™ Our years of experience have taught us that to engage members with SDoH solutions, an advocate needs to meet members where they are. We may be calling because we believe we can a help a member apply for Medicaid benefits, but if that member is concerned about putting food on the table, we need to be prepared to meet that challenge first. This became our commitment to “lead with help.” We start every conversation addressing the challenges the members are concerned about. From there, our flexible Lynk 360™ system allows our advocates to go where the conversation takes them, helping members with a wide array of benefit programs to produce optimal outcomes for both the plan and the member. This is One Lynk.™

So we are taking this opportunity to re-introduce ourselves and our unique SDoH offering. When you have the opportunity, please take a look through the new

About the Author

Sean Libby has been an advocate for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and individuals with low income for over 19 years. At BeneLynk, we are committed to helping managed care plans to deliver superior Social Determinant of Health solutions to their members. We are always looking to learn more and would like to hear your ideas on how best to assist members in need. Drop us a note at

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