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BeneLynk recognized as a VETS Indexes 4 Star Employer

BeneLynk is committed to serving Veterans. This commitment started with the launch of our Veteran Lynk product in 2016, helping Veterans to communicate with their Medicare Advantage plans about the care that they receive at the VA. We quickly expanded on that commitment by also hiring Veterans (and military spouses) to work with us.

To achieve this, we have partnered with a wide array of governmental and private Veteran organizations to identify talented individuals ready to join our team. We have further committed to making BeneLynk a great company for Veterans. This means training programs geared to help Veterans, and company policies to accommodate Guard and Reservists by paying the difference between their regular pay and their base pay when serving on duty. Today, we are proud that 19% of all BeneLynk employees are Veterans, members of the Guard or Reservists, or spouses of active duty military.

Because of this commitment, we were proud when we learned this week that we are being honored by VETS Indexes, an organization that evaluates employer commitment to hiring and retaining veterans as impactful employees. George Altman, managing director of VETS Indexes, offered the following regarding BeneLynk:

“BeneLynk has established itself as one of the nation’s top veteran employers, with its status as a VETS Indexes 4 Star Employer. Their commitment to not just hiring veterans, but then helping them to develop into integral and high-ranking employees, is outstanding and deserves recognition.”

As always, we are excited to talk about our Veteran Lynk program or Social Determinants of Health in general. If you want to chat, please drop us a note today at

About the Author

Sean Libby has been an advocate for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and individuals with low income for over 19 years. At BeneLynk, we are committed to helping managed care plans to deliver superior Social Determinant of Health solutions to their members.

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