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BeneLynk’s Flexibility Put to the Test by COVID-19

At BeneLynk, as virtually everywhere, the COVID-19 crisis has created new and unexpected challenges for our employees and our families. Our priority is maintaining the physical safety of our colleagues while maintaining productivity for our clients and assisting your members. One of our core values is flexibility. Therefore, when faced with this challenge, we knew it was time to put that value to the test!

Our operations center is located in the heart of Sunrise, Florida, and our corporate office in Milford, CT. For both offices, we needed to send most employees home on short notice. To achieve this goal, every department within the company had to think creatively. We had extensive disaster-planning in place, but COVID-19 represented a unique challenge. Fortunately, our Lynk 360 system is cloud based and enables our employees to efficiently and securely do their work in secure but different environments.

Within a week of initiating our COVID-19 plan we:

  1. Transitioned from a desk-side support model to a remote support model.

  2. Enhanced our security program by rolling out additional security controls, policies, and training to minimize exposure risks of data leak and loss and to remain compliant with our relevant certifications.

  3. Successfully expanded our mobile device management solutions through enabled campaign rollouts of software, monitoring tools, and a solution to automated device configurations that has ultimately improved the accuracy and timing necessary for future deployments, allowing us to remain nimble.

At BeneLynk we know that our first responsibility is to our employees. To help them through this transition we implemented an omni-channel communication strategy to ensure that everyone had the latest in rapidly evolving guidance. We were also able to move to a paperless workflow for 96% of our operations.

We are proud that we were able to send our workforce home, take care of our colleagues, and still see an increase in overall efficiency. At BeneLynk we value adaptability and appreciate our team’s willingness to be vulnerable and think outside the box. This allowed us to try new ways to meet our goals, and we are performing better than ever!

After all, our services require us to meet the evolving needs of our health plans and their members. We know the COVID-19 pandemic will present yet more twists and turns, but we are confident that our team is ready to meet whatever challenges come our way.

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