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Build Back Better Act Reconciliation Bill

Medicaid Maintenance of Eligibility (MOE) Requirements:

What You Should Know About States Resuming Annual Renewals in 2022

As currently drafted, the Build Back Better Act amends the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Medicaid maintenance of eligibility (MOE) requirements. It phases out the 6.2% increase in federal Medicaid funding that has been in place since the first quarter of 2020 and allows states to resume processing annual renewals under specific conditions starting in April 2022. The enhanced federal Medicaid funding increase decreases to 3 percent from April through June 2022 then to 1.5 percent from July through September. The enhanced federal match ends entirely on 9/30/22.

As a condition of qualifying for the increased federal match between April and September, states must adhere to all the following conditions outlined in our infographic below:

Build Back Better Act Infographic
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