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Does Your Customer Experience Technology Strategy Need Some Human To Human Contact?

Why are Americans happy with their hair stylists, uber drivers, restaurant servers (and just about any other service) but not with their doctors or their health plan?

Gallup 2020 data show that only 19% of Americans are “very satisfied” with the quality of medical care in the U.S. In Medicare Advantage specifically, according to J.D. Power’s 2020 Medicare Advantage Study, only 15% of Medicare Advantage plans meet three key performance indicators that help drive satisfaction — “Making sure members fully understand their out-of-pocket costs; providing health education; and delivering useful reminders for preventive services.”

At BeneLynk, we believe that a human connection drives customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction leads to increase retention and retention yields profits. Benelynk engagement campaigns drive increased satisfaction and retention. We have structured our services putting the conversation between on-shore advocates and members at the center of our solutions.

The pandemic has heightened the value of a human connection. With members at home, it is an ideal time to really connect. This aligns naturally with the reality that CMS has doubled the weight of patient experience measures in their Star Rating formula.

A plan’s CAHPS scores related to Getting Needed Care, Health Plan Customer Service, and How Well Doctors Communicate will have a bigger impact that ever before. Plans that integrate communications with their Value Based Care providers will perform better. Plans that build meaningful relationships with members will perform better.

Payers and providers need to support members during this time. Members need useful information about their unique situation.

  1. Should they access care in the office?

  2. What transportation options do they have if they choose an in-office visit?

  3. Since the pandemic, they are not seeing their friends or family and are feeling isolated, what can they do to connect safely with others in their area?

  4. They need someone to speak with that can help them navigate their personal barriers to health.

Benelynk works with payers and risk sharing providers.

We can assist your members/patients by identifying their SDoH barriers and helping them meet these challenges.

  1. Remind them or assist them with scheduling office provider visits (in-person or virtual).

  2. Link them with discounted internet service or a smart phone for telehealth visits

  3. Help them access a safe ride to their provider office

  4. Guide them to helpful information on maintaining a healthy diet and getting exercise

  5. Address feelings of isolation

  6. Advocate for them to get financial benefits

Call me to learn more about Benelynk’s human to human, onshore team can help you improve your CAPHS scores and drive accurate and complete risk adjusted revenue.

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