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Implementing SMS Notifications as Part of an Integrated Member Outreach Strategy

It’s been almost three years since your member moved into their new home. Like many other Medicaid recipients, they were displaced during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic when they lost their job and were forced to relocate. It’s been years since their move, so it doesn’t occur to your member that their address needs to be updated with their state Medicaid agency until they receive a text message from their health plan as a reminder to update their contact information. Thanks to this text message your member updates their information and receives renewal notices and paperwork on time, allowing them to keep their much-needed Medicaid benefits in place.

With the end of the continuous coverage requirement on the horizon, health plans have been looking for ways to engage and educate members on the Medicaid renewal process. Administrative challenges, such as not receiving renewal notices or not turning in paperwork on time, will cause thousands of enrollees, who remain eligible for coverage, to lose their Medicaid benefits. Texting has proven time and again to be an efficient way to communicate with members regarding their coverage. Download our white paper today to see how texting could help your dual members stay enrolled in Medicaid!

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