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Stop Settling: Are You Getting Partial Dual Premiums for Full Dual Risk?

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Dual Eligibility Solutions at BeneLynk

Medicare Advantage plan members, who qualify for both Medicare and a state’s Medicaid program, are called “dual eligible beneficiaries”, “dual eligibles”, or “duals”. Because dual eligible members typically have more severe chronic health problems and social determinant of health barriers, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) pays health plans based on a member’s risk score.

In order to get paid accurately for these members, health plans need to be able to identify their dual eligible members and get them signed up for all available benefits. Members also have an incentive to seek out full dual enrollment as this could result in state payment of their Medicare Part B premiums, coverage of deductibles/copays, and additional benefits.

At BeneLynk, we are dual eligible experts, who provide the outreach and advocacy necessary to identify dual eligible members and get them the benefits they need. Download our whitepaper today to see how we are helping health plans and members alike with our dual eligibility solutions.

Dual Enrollment White Paper - Stop Settling
Download PDF • 4.09MB

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