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Veterans Day 2020: Thank You

Today, November 11th is Veterans Day here in the Unites States. At BeneLynk, one of our products helps Medicare Advantage plans to identify veterans and understand the care they receive at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). We are proud to serve these veterans. But we are also proud to serve other veterans a different way – by working with them. Over 10% of our employees at BeneLynk are veterans. From entry-level positions right through our executive team, we have worked to identify veterans and to give them the opportunity to contribute. In return, we have been rewarded.

BeneLynk is a business, and like all businesses, we must serve our clients. From our founding we believed that employing veterans, at all levels of our organization, could help us to do that. Fortunately, we have found that to be the case. We understand that veterans possess skills and perspectives that are tremendously valuable to our company such as resiliency, team-building expertise, cross-cultural fluency, and leadership. We’ve found that our veteran employees remain consistently committed, tenaciously focused, ethical, and effective. Whether talking on the phone to the Medicare members we serve, or building a bridge of partnership with the VA, our veteran-employees have consistently returned our investment in them. Our veteran colleagues have helped BeneLynk to become a better company.

On behalf of all of us at BeneLynk, I extend a sincere thank you to all who have served (and to their spouses who have also borne their own particular burden). I particularly thank my veteran colleagues at BeneLynk and the veterans who are members of our clients throughout the country. On this Veterans Day, and on every other day, thank you veterans.

Sean Libby

President, BeneLynk

About the Author

Sean Libby has been an advocate for seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, and individuals with low income for over 18 years. At BeneLynk, we are committed to helping managed care plans to deliver superior Social Determinant of Health solutions to their members. We are always looking to learn more and would like to hear your ideas on how best to assist members in need. Drop us a note at

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