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Veterans Day 2022: Thank You to All Who Have Served

November 11th represents a very special day in the United States and a very special day for the BeneLynk family. This special day is Veterans Day. It is the day on which we honor the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. For those of you who have served in this nation’s military, words cannot convey how thankful we are for your loyalty and selflessness. Your strength, bravery, and dedication do not go unnoticed, and we thank you and your families for your service. We truly appreciate the sacrifices you have made for our great nation.

At BeneLynk, we pride ourselves on being the only company in the country to provide the unique services offered through our Veteran Lynk product. Services that we have seen change Veteran lives for the better. In addition, BeneLynk seeks to provide those who have previously served or are currently serving with meaningful and fulfilling career opportunities. We have found that Veteran employees have unique qualities, such as resiliency, adaptability, and determination that make them highly valued team members. This dedication to hiring members of the military community has once again led BeneLynk to be honored by several prestigious Veteran organizations across the country including VETS Indexes and Military Friendly. You can view our press release about being a military-friendly employer to learn more.

Again, to all our wonderful Veterans, we say, thank you. Thank you for your service. Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our great nation. Happy Veterans Day!

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