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Retention Lynk 

Increase member engagement and encourage retention

Retention Lynk is a member-centric outreach program that provides customized information at the right time, helping members keep the benefits to which they are entitled.


Our renewal efforts drive Medicaid retention, increase duals upgrades, promote overall member satisfaction, and provide an ongoing avenue of communication to an important constituency. 

The Retention Lynk Process

Tailored Outreach

BeneLynk materials and scripting are tailored to the member’s state, using specific state agency and Medicaid program names. Outreach materials and scripting employ language and terminology the member has seen on communications from the state agency, building member confidence and trust. 

Actionable Information

We provide the specific information and contact options (e.g. website or toll-free number) offered by the state agency for recertification. This gives the member actionable information.

Superior Engagement

By making the outreach and call to action specific to the Medicaid program communications, the member receives all the options available in that particular state. Our services represent a step forward in recertification efforts and produce better member engagement. 

Status Upgrades

Some members with partial dual status are eligible for, but not enrolled in, full Medicaid benefits. BeneLynk identifies these members and provides assistance with applications for full benefits. 


We implement immediate remediation strategies that help members re-apply for Medicaid/MSP benefits. Re-Application includes active advocacy serving as the member’s authorized representative, and government relations outreach to ensure that members do not lose benefits as a

result of state agency errors. 

"I needed to get my Medicaid back and didn't know how. Justin was like a friend and helped resolve my problem. He was so friendly, smart and to the point."  
                                 ~ Plan Member

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