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It's a Commitment

You made one long ago. We are grateful for your service and we have made one too. BeneLynk is committed to serving Veterans and military families. This commitment extends to our colleagues as we seek to employ and develop Veterans and military-affiliated employees.

 For Guards and Reservists

When National Guard and Reservist employees are deployed, BeneLynk pays the difference between regular pay and base pay until they return to work.

     For Military Veterans

BeneLynk has enhanced our onboarding process to include military culture education, the creation of a Veteran business resource group to assist with onboarding/integration,  mentorship for career development, and other military-focused workplace initiatives.

     For Military Spouses

BeneLynk offers remote work opportunities and a wide variety of shift hours that provide flexibility and stability for spouses who may need to move.

MSEP Logo.png

BeneLynk has achieved national recognition for its support of our Veterans and military families.  

Six Military Logos

"My transition to a civilian career was challenging. My rating as hospital corpsman did not readily transition to a civilian career without additional education. So to meet that challenge, I worked on developing and emphasizing my customer service and people skills.

"I worked in a variety of jobs after exiting the Navy and I am very happy to now be a Bilingual Advocate at BeneLynk. The truth is I love to help people."



Gonzalo A.
Coral Springs, Florida

Our Support for Veterans 

Headshot of Aldwin Gomez

 Aldwin Gomez, VP, Member Engagement & Advocacy

At BeneLynk, we celebrate and appreciate our Veterans. U.S. Veterans possess dynamic characteristics that make them the ultimate team members.


The ability to think in terms of what is best for the team, learn new skills, remain adaptable to change, perform under pressure, be disciplined, determined, and goal-focused are among the many incredible qualities that make Veterans highly valued members of the team.

Headshot of Keslie Crichton

Keslie Crichton,
Chief Sales Officer

There is a lot of research that shows that we tend to like and trust people who are similar to us. At BeneLynk we spend a lot of time training our advocates to understand the populations we serve; the challenges faced by seniors, disabled individuals, and Veterans.


We train people to take the time to think about the challenges our members face, and provide the ongoing support necessary to help our advocates build connections with our members.


Having staff that can share their life experiences with all of us at BeneLynk and the membership we serve make us better at what we do! 

Headshot of Sean Libby

Sean Libby, President

BeneLynk serves and honors military Veterans by providing important career opportunities and helping the Veterans to access benefits they’ve earned.

We also support military spouses. They bring a proven ability to prioritize the well-being of others and display a uniquely diverse set of skills. I have found that military spouses show initiative, are flexible, adept in cultural sensitivity, and maintain a positive can-do attitude when met with adversity.

BeneLynk is incredibly proud to partner with the Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) program. MSEP connects military spouses to employers who have demonstrated a commitment to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining military spouses. 

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