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It's a Commitment

You made one long ago, so we made one in return. BeneLynk is a trusted employer of Veterans and military families. The dedication, skills, and unique experiences that Veterans and military families bring to our organization make them invaluable members of our team. 

For our efforts, BeneLynk has been recognized by prestigious military organizations across the country including Military Times, Military Friendly , and the U.S. Veterans Magazine.


Six Military Logos

When National Guard and Reservist employees are deployed, BeneLynk pays the difference between regular pay and base pay until they return to work.

For Guards and Reservists


For Military Veterans

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Our onboarding process includes military culture education, a Veteran business resource group to assist with onboarding/integration, and mentorship for career development.

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For Military Spouses

BeneLynk offers remote work opportunities and a wide variety of shift hours that provide flexibility and stability for spouses who may need to move.

Our Dedication to Veterans and Their Families

We are committed to creating a workplace that values the skills, experiences, and sacrifices of Veterans and their families. The organization's ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion and support has made it a recognized leader in Veteran and military spouse employment.

"My transition to a civilian career was challenging. My rating as a hospital corpsman did not readily transition to a civilian career without additional education. So to meet that challenge, I worked on developing and emphasizing my customer service and people skills.

I worked in a variety of jobs after exiting the Navy, and I am very happy to now be a Bilingual Advocate at BeneLynk. The truth is I love to help people."



- Gonzalo A., Coral Springs, FL 

Partnering for Military Spouses

BeneLynk is incredibly proud to partner with the Department of Defense’s Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) program. MSEP connects military spouses to employers who have demonstrated a commitment to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining military spouses. 

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