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Rocky beach

Andrew's favorite beach of all time is Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil. Gorgeous, friendly, with a bit of a hippie vibe. 

Andrew leads a team responsible for reporting and analytic solutions. The team drives continuous improvement through evaluating natural experiments and designing randomized tests. It supports operational excellence through a variety of standardized dashboards, reports, and ad hoc analyses, helping Benelynk to improve its products through new applications of internal and external data.


Prior to Benelynk, he worked for several years leading data science consulting projects with Fulcrum Analytics, where he partnered with global investment banks and insurers to automate and improve resource intensive processes using data science and data engineering. He has worked in corporate finance as Financial Planning and Analytics Manager with Freedom Disability.


Andrew holds a B.S. in Finance and Economics and a Masters in Applied Statistics from the University of South Carolina.

Sharing a Few Thoughts...


I believe that analytics can help to differentiate BeneLynk from competitors by creating insights and helping to build products. To do that work, we've built a capable full-stack team that’s able to identify and tackle problems -- not just implement solutions. Our output is always built to scale our impact, so we focus on long-term value while creating new tools, processes, and infrastructure.


I've worked in data science and analytics for several companies and industries, and while the work can be similar, the mission at BeneLynk couldn't be more different.


We study consumer behavior not to sell more product, but to better assist members in meeting their most important needs. And we don't look for new uses of public data to improve pricing models; we use public data to better identify people who need help.



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