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Chris Rosa with a beach in the background

Chris's favorite northern beach is Hammonasset Beach in his hometown state of Connecticut.  Okay, not tropical, but still gorgeous!

As BeneLynk's Chief Technology Officer, Chris has created and implemented a unique platform to fulfill BeneLynk's mission. Like others on the executive management team, Chris comes from a background in healthcare service delivery. That deep experience has shaped his perspective on the role of technology in delivering healthcare services with an innovative cloud-first approach. With BeneLynk's Lynk360™ platform being HITRUST CSF certified, Chris has been focused on leading-edge technology enablement while remaining committed to information security. 


Chris earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and was fortunate to participate in NU's cooperative education program. Chris also completed his M.S. in Computer Science from Sacred Heart University, where he received the honor of being recognized for his Outstanding Master's Thesis.


When not building first-class technology, Chris enjoys hiking, tennis, and spending time with his family in Connecticut. With both of his children attending college nearby, he likes to watch his youngest play collegiate baseball while his eldest pursues an exciting, grant-based graduate degree; and yeah, he's a proud father.

Sharing a Few Thoughts

Who you have on your team is essential to success, and I am fortunate to have the honor of leading an amazing group of dedicated individuals in developing and supporting our mission to help people lead their healthiest lives. What strikes me is their passion for technology and their commitment to the team. Understanding that BeneLynk's ability to be an industry leader can only happen if we are "all on the same page," we have created an environment where innovation is encouraged, and for those who know how technologists think, you could imagine how that has led to BeneLynk’s success.

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