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How the Pandemic Exacerbated SDoH Barriers for Medicare Advantage Members

Strategies for Effective SDoH Outreach Campaigns in 2022

We all have our own unique life history, our own strengths and our own challenges. The environments where we are born, live, work, learn, play, worship, and age all affect health, well-being, and quality of life. These factors are known as social determinants of health (SDoH) and can be sources of joy and health, or they can contribute to significant health disparities.

We have all likely heard that SDoH account for 80% of health outcomes. While SDoH barriers existed before the pandemic, COVID-19 made them more prevalent than ever before. The successful capture, support, and documentation of SDoH barriers comes with its own unique set of complexities and challenges, which were also exacerbated by the pandemic. In light of these challenges intensified by the pandemic, let us examine some trending strategies that health plans should consider implementing in their outreach campaigns in 2022.

Download our whitepaper to learn more.

BeneLynk-Whitepaper-How the Pandemic Exacerbated SDoH for MA Members
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