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BeneLynk Announces the Launch of Community Lynk+

BeneLynk is excited to announce the launch of Community Lynk+. Similar to our Community Lynk solution, Community Lynk+ enhances health outcomes, boosts member retention, lowers medical costs, and improves member satisfaction and engagement; however, Community Lynk+ begins with a comprehensive assessment of social care needs. Many managed care plans have their own assessments which BeneLynk is able to seamlessly integrate. For those plans that do not have a current assessment protocol, we selected to partner with PRAPARE®. The PRAPARE® screening tool is designed to engage patients in assessing and addressing social determinants of health in four core domains including:

· Personal characteristics

· Family and home

· Money and resources, and

· Social and emotional health

The assessment has been translated into over 25 languages, which allows us to connect with more of the diverse communities we serve.

“We’re so excited to continue to bring the future of social care to the managed care industry. Community Lynk+ allows health plans to understand and document the SDoH barriers that members face. Beyond that, it also allows us to begin work right away with the member to find solutions to help them live their healthiest lives.” – Sean Libby, President of BeneLynk

Our new solution’s launch comes at a very opportune time as DSNP managed care organizations prepare for 2023’s stricter SDoH and health equity-based mandates and measures including the Social Need Screening and Intervention (SNS-E) measure that requires plans to screen members, using prespecified instruments, for unmet food, housing, and transportation needs, at least once during the measurement period. With Community Lynk+ our health plan clients can rest assured that they are not only meeting federal SDoH guidelines, but that they are doing the most for their members in ensuring their social health needs are being met.

For more information about our new solution, and to see how we can leverage our integrated solutions to fund your SDoH strategy, send a message to

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