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Findhelp and BeneLynk: A Partnership to Improve Health Outcomes for All

Rosie had exhausted her allowable time at all of the short-term living facilities in her area. With nowhere to go, she was facing the real possibility that she would be sleeping on the streets that night. However, in one last effort to find shelter, she decided to give BeneLynk a call. She knew that BeneLynk was a social care company that worked with her managed care plan, and she hoped that BeneLynk could provide her with an option. When she called, she spoke with one of our professional advocates, Pablo. Pablo used BeneLynk’s technology, seamlessly integrated with findhelp’s database of community programs, to find available housing options in Rosie’s area. Although they were initially unsuccessful at finding Rosie a place to stay locally overnight, Pablo and Rosie didn’t give up, expanding their search to neighboring counties. With findhelp’s comprehensive list of available community resources, Pablo was able to secure two places for Rosie to stay, one of which was a long-term facility. Rosie chose a facility that met her needs and, thanks to our friendly and compassionate advocate and findhelp’s resources, Rosie did not have to sleep in the streets that night. This is just one of many true stories about the meaningful services BeneLynk provides our members, but it would not be possible without our partnership with findhelp.

At BeneLynk, we’re passionate about improving social program access and health outcomes for our most vulnerable populations. Positively impacting social care challenges requires a team of dedicated individuals working toward the same goals. Partnering with like-minded organizations is vital for helping people like Rosie. Since March of 2019, BeneLynk’s partnership with findhelp, a platform that connects individuals in need to essential resources and support, has played an instrumental role in providing meaningful social care for almost one million members!

Findhelp connects individuals with the resources they need to navigate life’s challenges via an industry-leading social care platform. Whether someone is seeking emotional support, financial assistance, professional guidance, or community services, findhelp is the go-to destination for finding relevant and reliable help. Currently, findhelp’s platform is being used by more than 500 of the largest health plans, hospital systems, government agencies, educational institutions, and cause organizations in the country – BeneLynk being their largest client in terms of referrals placed. Findhelp’s directory includes a wide range of community-based organizations, helplines, counseling services, support groups, and government programs – serving as a virtual lifeline for a vast network of resources and support. They can also cater to an organization’s need for certain types or categories of programs. Findhelp makes it simple and easy for organizations like BeneLynk to connect people to life-changing programs and services – making the world a better place, one connection at a time.

It is through our partnership with findhelp that BeneLynk’s Community Lynk and Community Lynk+ solutions give our members access to over 300,000 federal, state, local, veteran, government, and non-governmental programs. BeneLynk and findhelp have seamlessly integrated our platforms, allowing BeneLynk’s advocates to access findhelp’s database directly from Lynk 360, BeneLynk’s HITRUST-certified, cloud-based technology. This allows BeneLynk to “lead with help” and enables our advocates to surface solutions for the challenges members are facing in real-time. This immediate delivery of social care is what makes BeneLynk’s One Lynk service unique to our industry.

Together, BeneLynk and findhelp are working to improve social care accessibility for all. Findhelp’s network of community resources, combined with BeneLynk’s dynamic technology and expertise in social care, Medicaid eligibility, and outreach, enable us to connect our health plan clients’ members with the programs they need when they need them. Findhelp also regularly provides BeneLynk with referral and program information, so that we can closely monitor the progress and efficacy of our advocacy. As our social care work evolves, so does our partnership with findhelp, and we are currently engaging directly with community-based organizations (CBOs) to close the loop on our advocacy efforts.

Our partnership with findhelp has allowed us to make a meaningful impact on these vulnerable members’ lives. We’re proud to work with findhelp to remove SDoH barriers and look forward to continuing our collaboration in the years to come.

Thank you, findhelp, for your dedication to improving health outcomes and for being a valuable partner in our mission. Together, we can create a brighter and healthier future. For more information on BeneLynk’s solutions, reach out to We would love to hear from you!

About BeneLynk BeneLynk is a national social care vendor for managed care companies. BeneLynk engages members to understand social determinants of health (SDoH) challenges and to provide professional advocacy to access benefits. BeneLynk removes the barriers to allow members to live their healthiest lives.

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